First seen Su­per­man’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #142 (Oct 1971)

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It was NASA’s big­gest mis­take: an ar­ti­fi­cial planet, cre­ated to help sim­u­late and study ex­trater­res­trial en­vi­ron­ments, that ended up be­ing seeded with minia­ture people and an­i­mals and then bom­barded with old-school hor­ror films pro­jected onto the clouds. The re­sult? An en­tire pop­u­la­tion of tiny “Tran­sil­va­ni­ans” who be­lieve they are vam­pires, were­wolves, zom­bies, mum­mies et al. One of Jack Kirby’s more light-hearted DC cre­ations of the early ’70s, Tran­sil­vane acted like a hor­ror ver­sion of Su­per­man’s Bot­tle City of Kan­dor – a place vil­lains could come from (boosted up to Earth-size by su­per-sci­ence) or reg­u­lar-size he­roes could be shrunken down to go visit. The best thing of all about Tran­sil­vane, though, are the two horn-like spikes it proudly sports, like a par­tic­u­larly mean-spir­ited Space Hop­per – this is an en­tire planet that sim­ply looks evil.

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