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You can get pretty much ev­ery ma­jor comic that’s re­leased in pam­phlet form as dig­i­tal edi­tion, but if Aces Weekly has whet­ted your ap­petite for dig­i­tal-only re­leases, what else is out there?

Elec­tri­comics launched just as we went to press and is al­ready look­ing very ex­cit­ing. Another good place to start is Comixol­ogy’s Sub­mit pro­gramme, which sells brand-new dig­i­tal comics by in­die creators – it’s pretty much self-pub­lish­ing, but care­fully cu­rated by Comixol­ogy. John D Roberts, Comixol­ogy co-founder and di­rec­tor of Comixol­ogy Sub­mit, ex­plains: “Creators just need to sign up, up­load a PDF, go through an ap­proval process, and then their work is put up for sale. We split the rev­enue evenly, with the cre­ator keep­ing all rights. It’s a great deal for creators that don’t want to spend money print­ing a comic. And we’ve re­ceived sub­mis­sions from ev­ery con­ti­nent ex­cept for maybe Antarc­tica.

“We re­view all the sub­mis­sions and do ex­ert qual­ity con­trol over them,” Roberts con­tin­ues. “We’re be­ing en­trusted with these creators’ con­tent, so we want to make sure that we’re pre­sent­ing it in the best light pos­si­ble. That also means, from a cus­tomer per­spec­tive, when they buy a Sub­mit ti­tle, they know that it will have a stan­dard of qual­ity.”

It’s not all un­known creators, ei­ther: the best­selling Sub­mit ti­tle of 2014 was Leav­ing Mega­lopo­lis, a tale of what hap­pens when a city’s su­per­heroes turn mur­der­ous, by Gail Si­mone and Jim Calafiore.

Dou­glas Rushkoff and Liam Sharp’s sci-fi ti­tle Tes­ta­ment is also a big seller.

Above: Billy Budd, KGB was first pub­lished in English by Cata­lan Com­mu­ni­ca­tions in 1991 – re­mark­ably apt con­sid­er­ing that the Cold War came to an abrupt end with the col­lapse of the Soviet Union at the end of that year.

Above: There’s prob­a­bly some deep cul­tural rea­son why Euro­pean film-mak­ers and artists are able to pro­duce such iconic vi­sions of the Old West. Boucq sure draws nice, though, don’t he?

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