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We look ahead to some of the other ex­cit­ing new comics headed our way over the next three months...

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CHEW­BACCA (MARVEL) Yep, another of the orig­i­nal Star Wars gang gets the Marvel minis­eries treat­ment. Still, if it’s as good as the re­cent Lando book we’re not go­ing to com­plain. Gerry Dug­gan writes and Phil Noto draws the five-is­sue run. Ex­pect in­sights and that into your favourite fur­ball.

Avail­able 14 Oc­to­ber Steam Man (Dark Horse) Gi­ant steam-pow­ered ro­bots ver­sus in­vad­ing Mar­tians, armies of killer al­bino apes and a crazed vam­pire in the Old West. Writ­ten by Mark Alan Miller and Joe R Lans­dale, with art by Piotr Kowal­ski. Who doesn’t love a bit of steam­punk Western?

Avail­able 21 Oc­to­ber BAT MAN AND ROBIN ETER­NAL (DC) As you may have guessed from the ti­tle, this weekly is a se­quel to Bat­man Eter­nal. It’s set to run for six months with Scott Sny­der and James Tynion in charge of an in­trigu­ing cast of artists and writ­ers.

Avail­able 7 Oc­to­ber He­roes (ti­tan ) Mid-noughties phe­nom He­roes is back, back, BACK. Ti­tan’s on­go­ing se­ries starts with “Vengeance”, a pre­quel to the new se­ries, writ­ten by Sea­mus Fa­hey and Zach Cra­ley and drawn by Ru­bine.

Avail­able 7 Oc­to­ber


Huck (Im­age ) Mark Mil­lar says all the best old comics were about peo­ple you didn’t ex­pect be­com­ing em­pow­ered. His six-parter with Rafael Al­bu­querque art is de­scribed as “Cap­tain America meets For­rest Gump” with a bright, up­beat and warm Frank Capra vibe.

Avail­able 18 Novem­ber CIT­I­ZEN JACK (IM­AGE) US pol­i­tics and hor­ror col­lide in this new hor­ror comic from Sam Humphries and Tommy Pat­ter­son in which a Satan-wor­ship­ping US pres­i­den­tial can­di­date gets a lit­tle cam­paign help from the de­monic realm. Could ex­plain a lot...

Avail­able 4 Novem­ber All new all dif­fer­ent avengers (marvel ) With Se­cret Wars done and dusted (er, sort of), it’s time for a new team of Avengers to get to­gether (they re­ally should think of a term for that). Ms Marvel, Nova and many more are in it, and it looks good.

Avail­able 11 Novem­ber

Su­per­man: amer­i­can alien (DC) Chron­i­cle screen­writer Max Lan­dis teams up with a num­ber of artists, in­clud­ing Jock and Jae Lee for a seven-is­sue minis­eries fo­cus­ing on Clark, rather than Su­pes.

Avail­able 11 Novem­ber


Weird­world (MARVEL) Becca is an or­di­nary girl trapped in “a place where the lost can be found. But only if you’re strong enough,” ac­cord­ing to cryp­tic Weird­world scribe Sam Humphries. What we do know is that we’re promised swords, sor­cery and “tricked out cars”. Good enough for us!

TBC De­cem­ber The eighth seal (im­age ) The First Lady’s night­mares about trans­form­ing into a mon­ster start to bleed into re­al­ity with this print ver­sion of the dig­i­tal hor­ror se­ries from James Tynion IV and a di­verse cast of artists. What is all this US pol­i­tics and hor­ror thing, guys?

TBC De­cem­ber STAR BRAND & NIGHTMASK (MARVEL) Greg Weisman and Domo Stan­ton bring the two ex Avengers back to Earth and put them in their trick­i­est spot yet: col­lege. This new on­go­ing se­ries looks like a fun col­li­sion of the cos­mic and ev­ery­day.

TBC De­cem­ber Se­cret wars (Marvel ) Er, we thought this would be over by now, but ap­par­ently not. Se­cret Wars #9 ex­pands on the Bat­tle­world saga, even though we’ll all be liv­ing in All New, All Dif­fer­ent ter­ri­tory by then. Weird.

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