Se­cret Wars

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Re­viewed: Is­sues 1-3

Writer: Jonathan Hick­man

Artist: Esad Ribic

Pub­lisher: Marvel

For­mat: 9-part se­ries

Dr Doom saved the Marvel Uni­verse in the face of fi­nal de­struc­tion, cre­at­ing a patch­work planet known as Bat­tle­world. A few sur­vivors of the old uni­verse have found their way to Bat­tle­world, in­clud­ing some Avengers, Miles Mo­rales’ Spi­der-Man and Thanos. What­ever hap­pens next lays the foun­da­tion of Marvel’s fu­ture...

While the spin-offs of Se­cret Wars have proven to be very ca­sual-reader-friendly, the main event of Jonathan Hick­man’s epic is more of a con­clu­sion to his re­cent Avengers and New Avengers runs than an event that’s as easy to pick up as, say, Civil War or Avengers Vs X-Men. With that in mind, new read­ers may want to skip the main se­ries and go straight to the re­launched line of All-New, All-Dif­fer­ent books that are start­ing this Oc­to­ber, which of­fer remixed Avengers and X-Men teams.

Se­cret Wars, by con­trast, is very much the pay­off of three years’ worth of story. Marvel is straight up preach­ing to the con­verted here.

But while Hick­man may not be writ­ing for the unini­ti­ated, there are mighty re­wards here for those who have fol­lowed his out­stand­ing mega-arc of col­laps­ing uni­verses and he­roes forced to be­come vil­lains. His Avengers books have of­fered a com­plex, huge-scale se­rial that has paid off at mul­ti­ple in­ter­vals – like 2013’s “In­fin­ity” arc, where the Avengers be­came a sym­bol for re­sis­tance across the galaxy in the face of an­ni­hi­la­tion, or last year’s “Time Runs Out” arc, which saw the Avengers di­vide and go to war.

Se­cret Wars is the endgame of that and, to some ex­tent, Hick­man’s ear­lier runs on The Ul­ti­mates and Fan­tas­tic Four. None of the he­roes saved the uni­verse – Doom did. And this is the com­pelling story of what hap­pens when the last sur­viv­ing he­roes try to get back what they’ve lost. Sa­muel Roberts

So, not just a re­ally big fight like the orig­i­nal.

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