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Frank Barbie re on How ling Com­man­dos of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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With mem­bers like Were­wolf By Night, Man-Thing and Teen Abom­i­na­tion, Howl­ing Com­man­dos of S.H.I.E.L.D. are very dif­fer­ent from the team’s WW2 in­car­na­tion…

Our All-New, All-Dif­fer­ent Howl­ing Com­man­dos are part of a brand new S.H.I.E.L.D. di­vi­sion called S.T.A.K.E. – the Su­per­nat­u­ral Threat As­sess­ment and Kill Ex­perts. It’s S.T.A.K.E.’s mis­sion to lo­cate, con­tain and study the su­per­nat­u­ral threats in the Marvel U that are out­side the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. They deal with all kinds of mon­sters and threats that can only be dealt with by mon­sters of their own.

Dum Dum Du­gan, who made a come­back in the re­cent S.H.I.E.L.D. an­niver­sary is­sue, leads the Howl­ing Com­man­dos here…

He’s the con­nec­tive tis­sue with the old Com­man­dos. He sees this col­lec­tion of odd­i­ties as some­thing more than just “mon­sters,” and he’s the one who is go­ing to make them a team. More im­por­tantly, he teaches them that they are in con­trol of their own iden­tity, although Dum Dum is strug­gling with his own iden­tity, which makes him a great men­tor and leader of our new Com­man­dos.

Are you en­joy­ing col­lab­o­rat­ing with artist Brent Shoonover?

Brent’s style has given the book a won­der­ful unique tone that al­lows it to be ac­tion-packed as well as not en­tirely self-se­ri­ous. He’s also em­braced the weird­ness, com­ing up with a lot of in­cred­i­ble mon­ster de­signs and ac­tion se­quences.

What ad­ver­saries will the Howl­ing Com­man­dos come up against?

There’s def­i­nitely a vil­lain who is go­ing to sur­face that Marvel fans will recog­nise from some older comics, but we’re keep­ing him un­der wraps for now. The first is­sue has our team jump­ing into a mis­sion fight­ing plant zom­bies! They tie into an an­cient relic the Com­man­dos are tasked with re­cov­er­ing, which ties into the big­ger plot that will re­veal it­self in our first arc. We’re build­ing to­wards a lot of ex­cit­ing things such as new char­ac­ters, S.T.A.K.E.’s se­crets, and the past of many of our char­ac­ters.

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