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The nov­el­ist and comics writer tells Will Salmon about his new video games in­flu­enced mini-se­ries Over­run, de­scribed as “Tron meets Dawn Of The Dead”

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The Over­run cre­ator tells us about creat­ing his cy­ber-epic.

CH: What was your ini­tial start­ing point for Over­run?

AE: I had just come off the back of my de­but novel Forty-Five and was scratch­ing my head for the next “world-build­ing” con­cept. Hav­ing spent nearly 40 years ei­ther play­ing or work­ing on com­puter games, my think­ing be­gan to grav­i­tate to­wards an idea set inside a com­puter. I love

Tron but wanted a com­pletely dif­fer­ent vision for Over­run. I al­ways en­vis­aged a com­puter to be a bustling cos­mopoli­tan city like New York or Lon­don. The Ma­trix was also a ma­jor in­flu­ence on me. I en­joyed the re­al­ism of its com­put­erised world, but I didn’t want the “jack­ing in/out” as­pect that re­ally de­fined The Ma­trix. In

Over­run I wanted the cit­i­zens to be un­aware of any­thing out­side of their own world, or if they were aware, then to ques­tion it much like a re­li­gion. This wasn’t a story about a guy or girl jump­ing into the com­puter world, this was about the com­puter world.

CH: How did you come up with the idea of peo­ple as com­puter files?

AE: I spend a lot of time on a train com­mut­ing to and from Lon­don, and one day, as I sat there prob­a­bly de­layed by sig­nal fail­ure for the umpteenth time, I be­gan to imag­ine my fel­low pas­sen­gers as com­puter file types to pass the time. It was rel­a­tively easy to cre­ate groups – any­one car­ry­ing a back­pack, for in­stance, was a doc­u­ment, oth­ers with head­phones were mu­sic files, and so on. Af­ter a while, I re­alised that I had un­in­ten­tion­ally cre­ated the in­hab­i­tants of Over­run. All I needed now was to come up with an en­thralling story. [It] starts on a train jour­ney into a com­puter city with all these file types sit­ting around, just as on my com­mute.

CH: How long have you been work­ing on the project?

AE: I started bat­ting the idea in my mind around late 2011. I tend to do a lot of stew­ing be­fore I sit down to write any­thing, so it wasn’t un­til mid 2012 that I ac­tu­ally man­aged to type a word. At first it was just

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