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My home town wasn’t ex­actly over­flow­ing with comic shops – in fact, there were none. I could get 2000 AD, of course, but un­til my mate Kev opened up the short­lived and much missed Cobalt Comics, I had to rely on a mys­te­ri­ous rack in the newsagent for US ti­tles. Comics (usu­ally DC) would drift in and out, seem­ingly at ran­dom. There was a smat­ter­ing of su­per­hero ti­tles, but mostly it was a grab-bag of Ver­tigo is­sues: one month you’d find Seek­ers Into The Mys­tery, the next Preacher, with lit­tle chance of col­lect­ing a full set. But one ti­tle came in with weird reg­u­lar­ity – Grant Mor­ri­son and Rachel Pol­lack’s runs on Doom Pa­trol. Pick­ing it up for the first time, I had no idea what I was about to get my­self into... I’m still very fond of that team, so it’s great to be able to ded­i­cate a good chunk of this is­sue to them, along­side the likes of Won­der Woman, Doc­tor Strange, plus ex­cit­ing new projects like Also Known As. Plus, we have the fi­nal in­stal­ment of Mike Gar­ley’s Cre­at­ing In­die Comics, reviews, news and more. Thanks for read­ing. See you back here on 10 Jan­uary in space year 2017 when surely we’ll all fi­nally have those jet­packs we were promised.

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