The Wild Storm

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An­gela Spica wants to make the world a bet­ter place. I. O. want to make the world safer. Ja­cob Mar­lowe wants to re­make the world. I. O. want him dead. Fate has other plans.

In the 1990s, Wild­storm was king. The Im­age Comics owned uni­verse was a world of se­cre­tive in­tel­li­gence agen­cies, alien con­spir­a­cies, su­per­pow­ered spies and UN- spon­sored su­per­heroes. Like ev­ery­thing, it out­stayed its wel­come a lit­tle but was great fun for a long, long time. Now it’s back and it’s bet­ter than ever.

The 24 is­sues War­ren El­lis is signed on for will un­fold in four sto­ries of six parts. This first one opens with an un­de­ni­able, real, su­per­hu­man event above New York City. I. O. want an­swers, so does Mar­lowe, so does I. O.’s as­sas­sin and so does An­gela Spica. All of them con­verge in a man­ner that feels re­al­is­tic and grounded and at the same time qui­etly hope­ful. This is a story about a world that’s about to get much more in­ter­est­ing, and there’s joy fizzing un­der Jon Davis- Hunt’s el­e­gant lines.

This is the work El­lis cut his teeth on, and it shows. It’s tightly plot­ted, idea- heavy and very funny in places. The art is a vi­tal part of that suc­cess, with both Davis- Hunt and colourist Ivan Plas­cen­cia giv­ing the world the real­ism it needs. Rounded out by Si­mon Bow­land’s ex­pert let­ter­ing, this is a text­book ex­am­ple of how to do a re­boot and do it well. So strap in, be­cause it looks like The Wild

is go­ing to be one hell of a ride. Alas­dair Stu­art

The Wild­storm uni­verse is back, with a bit of an El­lis edge.

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