What if...? #30

Comic Heroes - - Feature -

We need to talk about Peter. And Peter. And Peter. And… you get the idea. The con­cept of clones has been a re­cur­ring one in the Spi­der-Man books, be­gin­ning in 1975 when a short-lived clone of Parker was in­tro­duced in Amaz­ing Spi­der

Man #149. A What If comic in 1981 pon­dered the ques­tion “What if Spi­der-Man’s Clone Had Lived?” – the two Peters di­vided up the job of be­ing Spi­der-Man and liv­ing a nor­mal life. Of course, by the ’90s we dis­cov­ered that the clone had in­deed sur­vived in the ac­tual Marvel timeline…

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