Spi­der-Man 2099

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In 1992 Marvel had a brief fad of trans­plant­ing its most recog­nis­able he­roes into a world a cen­tury or so in the fu­ture in the 2099 line. Spi­der-Man 2099 fea­tured a brand new iden­tity for the web-slinger of the fu­ture, a ge­netic sci­en­tist called Miguel O’Hara, who had been in­fected with an ex­per­i­men­tal for­mula by his not-so-nice bosses at the worldspan­ning cor­po­ra­tion where he worked. Try­ing to solve the prob­lem, Miguel tried to re­boot his DNA but, as is the way of these things in comics, a pesky spi­der got in the way…

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