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So, this clone of Peter Parker. Out­side the al­ter­na­tive­re­al­ity What If sto­ry­line, he was deemed to have died at the hands of the vil­lain­ous Jackal. But the Clone Saga, be­gin­ning in 1994, sug­gested that he had sur­vived and now called him­self Ben Reilly, who set him­self up as the Scar­let Spi­der. Then an­other clone rocked up, Kaine. Then some­one cloned Gwen Stacy. By the end of the Clone Saga, no­body knew who was who any more. No­body can re­ally blame Peter Parker for “re­tir­ing” to live with MJ and leav­ing all these Spi­der-Clones to it…

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