Amaz­ing spi­der-man #700

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Not con­tent with try­ing to marry Aunt May back in the day, Doc­tor Oc­to­pus de­cided in 2013 that he now had de­signs on Peter Parker’s body. No, not like that. Doc Ock is dy­ing and comes up with a nifty lit­tle scheme he puts into ac­tion in Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man #699-700 – he trans­plants his mind into Peter’s body, and vice-versa, leav­ing poor old Peter to die in Ock’s fail­ing shell. Given quite lit­er­ally a new lease of life in Spi­der­Man’s bod, Ock be­comes some­thing of a re­formed char­ac­ter and de­cides to con­tinue to fight crime as Spidey, as de­tailed in the 31 is­sues of Su­pe­rior Spi­der-Man. He does, of course, dis­pense with the wise-cracks and ramp up the ar­ro­gance to eleven.

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