What­ever Hap­pened to the Archetype?

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Story by Stu Per­rins Art by Ron Grav­elle www.in­sanecomics.com As the story of an alien su­per­hero stranded on Earth, there’s more than a hint of Kryp­ton be­hind Stu Per­rins’ The Archetype. It’s a bi­o­graph­i­cal run­down of a hero’s life­span from the POV of the now oc­to­ge­nar­ian crime-fighter, re­call­ing his ad­ven­tures as a cos­tumed day-saver. Fea­tur­ing wartime shenani­gans, star-crossed lovers, and the oc­ca­sional fail along the way, it’s a big tale told in a per­son­able, af­fec­tion­ate man­ner. Grav­elle’s art is de­tailed and clean, whilst Per­rins’ oc­ca­sion­ally mourn­ful tale nev­er­the­less of­fers the reader a re­as­sur­ing hug across the pages. Charm­ing.

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