Brian Michael Bendis

The comic great on his new De­fend­ers se­ries and what’s next for the Spi­der-Men.

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Af­ter writ­ing 133 is­sues of Ul­ti­mate Spi­der-Man, Brian Michael Bendis has been chron­i­cling Miles Mo­rales’ ad­ven­tures in the main Marvel 616 Uni­verse for the past 18 months. Hav­ing also teamed the half Puerto-Ri­can, half African-Amer­i­can 16-year-old wall­crawler up with the orig­i­nal web-head Pe­ter Parker in 2012’s Spi­der-Men, the pair are set to meet again in this month’s Spi­der-Men 2. And if that wasn’t enough Spidey ac­tion, one or maybe both of the arach­nid he­roes will play a sup­port­ing role in Bendis and David Mar­quez’s new De­fend­ers se­ries, which, like its forth­com­ing small-screen equiv­a­lent, cen­tres around the su­per­pow­ered en­sem­ble of Dare­devil, Jes­sica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

How have you en­joyed your time with the Miles Mo­rales char­ac­ter in the main Marvel Uni­verse?

It’s worked out well. I was ner­vous about it at first and I had even left the book at one point be­cause I imag­ined it was time to go. But I can’t imag­ine that now be­cause I’m so in­vested in the sto­ries that we’re telling, and the lev­els on which we’re telling the sto­ries. Miles’s voice is so dif­fer­ent from Pe­ter’s, and the sup­port­ing cast – and the sto­ries that came with them – are so dif­fer­ent from Pe­ter’s as well.

You first in­tro­duced Miles in 2011 af­ter the death of the Ul­ti­mate Uni­verse Pe­ter Parker. Were there ever any plans to res­ur­rect Ul­ti­mate Pe­ter?

We were never go­ing to bring Ul­ti­mate Pe­ter back. That was never go­ing to hap­pen in a tra­di­tional sense, so I was grate­ful when the de­ci­sion was made to fold the Ul­ti­mate Uni­verse af­ter six­teen very ex­cit­ing years of my life; that Marvel were go­ing to pull Miles, the Maker (evil Ul­ti­mate Reed Richards) and some other things that I’m re­ally proud of out of the wreck­age and give them new life.

Are you pleased about how en­thu­si­as­ti­cally the fans have em­braced Miles?

How peo­ple have re­sponded to Miles has been even more amaz­ing than the world­wide ac­cep­tance of Jes­sica Jones. Last week I was in the Sony of­fices, look­ing at the an­i­mated Spi­der-Man movie star­ring Miles Mo­rales that’s com­ing out late next year. It was re­ally crazy to think that Miles was orig­i­nally just me, the artist Sara Pichelli and the ed­i­tors at Marvel, and now it’s lit­er­ally hun­dreds of peo­ple work­ing on this

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