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THE head­lines this morn­ing re­ally got my blood boil­ing. I didn’t need a cup of cof­fee to get me fired up for the day.

But I would like to fire the group that sanc­tioned the ob­scene amount of money for the de­part­ing head of Aus­tralia Post (AP).

Yes, the chief ex­ec­u­tive Ahmed Fahour re­ceived a $10.8 mil­lion hand-out in his fi­nal pay packet, in bonus­est.

Prof­its were up - not dif­fi­cult when you in­crease the price of stamps and cut down on de­liv­ery. What a ge­nius. Tax­pay­ers can ill af­ford this huge pay­out while we have so many home­less and moth­ers and chil­dren sleep­ing in cars.

Soon we’ll save more when the snail mail goes the way of tele­grams.

But ac­cord­ing to the pa­pers, it was be­cause of the fo­cus on par­cel post and e-com­merce that in­creased the prof­itabil­ity of Aus­tralia Post.

My ex­pe­ri­ence with AP’s over­seas par­cel post was so dis­ap­point­ing, that I told the pack­ag­ing houses not to use the Aus­tralian ser­vice when I or­dered from over­seas.

DHL and Fedex would leave them for dead. With th­ese other com­pa­nies it took 4-6 days from Florida to Perth and I could track it all the way.

Us­ing Aus­tralia Post, for the same cost, it took more than 14 days and track­ing was di­abol­i­cal.

This was mainly be­cause the goods went into the east­ern states af­ter leav­ing Hong Kong, then I pre­sume by road to Perth.

Pack­ages by DHL and Fedex came di­rect to Perth af­ter clear­ing Hong Kong. ROGER DAVEN­PORT, South­ern River.

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