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BOURBY Web­ster with a cause.

Rais­ing a ruckus and shak­ing the sta­tus quo, she’s help­ing Perth Sym­phony Orches­tra (PSO) be­come the bad boys of the lo­cal mu­sic realm.

Un­der her in­struc­tion, the orches­tra will trans­form into a rag­ing alt-rock beast in Oc­to­ber, bash­ing out the ’90s defin­ing sounds of Seat­tle gods of grunge, Nir­vana.

Us­ing the band’s MTV Un­plugged in New York as in­spi­ra­tion, PSO will take songs from the con­cert and through­out the band’s discog­ra­phy and “blow them up”.

“I’ve al­ways said that the one thing that’s go­ing to make peo­ple sit up and go ‘This orches­tra is not your nor­mal sym­phony orches­tra’ is if we play Nir­vana,” the bub­bly orches­tra direc­tor said.

“Nir­vana has al­ways had an enigma about them com- is a rebel pared to the main­stream band, and that’s what I want PSO to have. I want PSO to be per­ceived as dif­fer­ent, ex­cit­ing and new and on the out­side.”

Web­ster said the orches­tra was break­ing rules on every level.

“Even putting the show in His Majesty’s, which is a venue known for bal­let and opera, is a bold move,” Web­ster said.

“We are be­ing the rebels that Nir­vana were: they wanted to grate and do chal­leng­ing things and not give a crap about tra­di­tion, so we’re not giv­ing a crap about tra­di­tion and putting Majesty’s.”

Tak­ing on the voice and spirit of Kurt Cobain is End of Fash­ion’s Justin Bur­ford. A Nir­vana fa­natic, Bur­ford ap­proached Web­ster with the con­cept more than three years ago.

The big­gest de­lay was find­ing a suit­able-sized venue.

“We have some fan­tas­tic venues like Perth Arena but Nir­vana in Perth Arena is not go­ing to work,” Web­ster said.

“We were look­ing for a much more edgy venue like a base­ment, carpark or ware­house that could fit a sym­phony orches­tra but the cost of bring­ing in ev­ery­thing re­quired would have made the ticket prices $800- plus.

“If His Maj hadn’t of­fered the venue free of charge, this con­cert would still be just an idea.” Nir­vana in His Sara Fitz­patrick

End of Fash­ion’s Justin Bur­ford in re­hearsals.

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