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are go­ing to pass on the costs to their cus­tomers, Par­lia­ment should move to in­tro­duce reg­u­la­tions putting the brakes on to stop such ac­tion.

They have had it too good for too long.

Dur­ing the global fi­nan­cial cri­sis, there was no threat of a run on the banks as they were un­der­writ­ten by the gov­ern­ment.

Yes, we the tax­pay­ers were cov­er­ing their back­sides.

The banks are push­ing that hard for us to use elec­tronic tech­nol­ogy, smart card, pay­wave, any way to get their hands on our money as fast as they can.

If you are late by a day, they fine you.

But when it comes to trans­ac­tions from a bank to one’s ac­count it is a dif­fer­ent story; it can take a cou­ple of days.

Re­cently, I pre­sented a cheque payable at Wells Fargo NA.

I had to sign a sec­tion of the de­posit slip to ac­cept BankWest in­ter­na­tional pay­ment con­di­tions.

The con­di­tions state that funds are not avail­able for 30 busi­ness days (six weeks).

The ex­change rate is agreed on the day of your de­posit, although if this cheque is dis­hon­oured it may in­cur ex­change rate loss and ad­di­tional fees for you. Other bank charges will ap­ply.

It seems when the bank­ing sys­tem has its hands on the cus­tomers’ money, speed and ef­fi­ciency seem to go out the win­dow.

They must use sail­ing ships and the horse and cart to trans­port the pa­per­work to the clear­ing house.

My bet is that when bank ex­ec­u­tives get paid their ob­scene bonuses, the money is avail­able straight away.

Fi­nally, the banks are ad­mit­ting they are only in­ter­ested in look­ing af­ter share­hold­ers, and of course pro­vid­ing the ex­ec­u­tives with ob­scene bonuses and salaries for I DON’T know why I keep both­er­ing to air my anger and dis­gust at the dis­hon­est peo­ple who in­sist on lift­ing plants out of my verge flower beds.

Peo­ple like that wouldn’t have the in­tel­li­gence to ac­tu­ally read news­pa­pers be­cause they’ve prob­a­bly got their eyes glued to their phones or com­puter.

Guess I’m just let­ting off steam be­cause what they took was al­most a ‘weed’. It grows so eas­ily from its own seeds.

It’s just the prin­ci­ple of it that gets me.

If they’d dropped a note in my let­ter box or knocked on my door ask­ing for some, I’d have been more than happy to give them all the seeds or seedlings they wanted.

But no. It’s ob­vi­ously more ex­cit­ing to creep around at night, dig up a plant and take it, leav­ing soil all over the foot­path and a big hole in the flower bed.

A lot of good tak­ing a full grown plant will do them, as they don’t trans­plant well at that size. It will die for sure. There are more plants there that seed very eas­ily, so if he/she re­quires any, let me know and I’ll pro­vide the seeds that will grow. GRACE ALSFORD, Gos­nells.

ROGER DAVEN­PORT. South­ern River.

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