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WHAT an ab­so­lutely mar­vel­lous use of po­lice pow­ers and po­lice re­sources to fully pros­e­cute a cit­i­zen for merely hav­ing one shot­gun car­tridge idle in a house (Com­ment News, Oc­to­ber 10).

And to think that a less of­fi­cious of­fi­cer might have ex­er­cised dis­cre­tionary pow­ers just to is­sue a cau­tion for some­thing so in­nocu­ous.

Po­lice didn’t have to charge the woman at all, so they must have been re­ally strug­gling to jus­tify a search! ALF CAMP­BELL, Ken­wick

ADDING BAL­ANCE PEO­PLE study the ecol­ogy.

They study plants, trees and an­i­mals to ob­serve the habi­tat suit­able for them.

They ob­serve the prop­a­ga­tion of plants and trees, with the gen­eral de­pen­dence on in­sects and birds for this.

An­i­mals fol­low that which is in­stinc­tive to their na­ture for the prop­a­ga­tion and rear­ing of their young. They fol­low their “or­der of be­ing”.

What about us hu­man be­ings and our na­ture? What is our “or­der of be­ing”? We are male and fe­male, com­ple­ment­ing one another, each with our own dif­fer­ent way of lov­ing, think­ing and act­ing.

When a man and a woman marry, they ben­e­fit from this com­ple­men­tary ac­tion, and like­wise the chil­dren they bring into the world. It helps bring a bal­ance to their lives. JANNETTE PETERS, Ro­ley­stone

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