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IL­LUS­TRA­TOR SI­MON SPILS­BURY Bath, UK w w w.spils­bur y.co.uk

I look up to Si­mon not only for his fast-and-loose work­ing style (quite the op­po­site to mine) but also for the length of time he’s been in the game, while still go­ing strong. His Midlife Cy­clist print is a per­fect ex­am­ple of how he blends his ob­ser­va­tions, in­tel­li­gence, wit and quick draw­ing style to­gether to make great art­works over and over again. The way each il­lus­tra­tion is neatly laid out re­minds me of a tat­too flash sheet.

Ol­lie Mun­den, ilovedust

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