Ed Bar­rett and Russ Etheridge share their ad­vice on how to show clients ex­actly where an­i­ma­tion can take their brand

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“One thing clients some­times worry about is whether an­i­ma­tion will make their brand ‘child­ish’,” says Russ Etheridge. “But you can have some­thing that moves in a way that’s akin to a kids’ TV se­ries, and at the same time you can have some­thing that’s ex­tremely so­phis­ti­cated – that’s very much a watch­word for us re­cently.”

Ed Bar­rett agrees, adding: “An­i­ma­tion is ev­ery­where. It’s so ver­sa­tile. It fits into all dif­fer­ent moods and sen­ti­ments.”

So how do the team build trust with clients? Bar­rett and Etheridge share their best tips for show­ing clients how an­i­ma­tion can ben­e­fit their brand…

Ex­am­ples go a long way

“When a client ap­proaches us, we send them a pack­age,” says Bar­rett. “They’ll have given us an idea of where they’re com­ing from, and we’ll look at the work we’ve done in the past and send them ex­am­ples – ‘This shows this kind of mood’, and ‘This de­sign changes it like that’ and so on.”

It’s all in the move­ment

“Move­ment changes things,” points out Etheridge. “You can have a de­sign, and when you look at it, you feel a cer­tain way. It might ini­tially look very ba­sic and naive, for ex­am­ple; but you can make it move in a way that doesn’t feel like this at all.”

Think about the edit

“Also, the way you cut some­thing to­gether can com­pletely change the feel of it,” adds Etheridge. “It’s so flex­i­ble. And it’s of­ten quite nice to show our clients dif­fer­ent op­tions as well, and po­ten­tially ar­rive at some­thing even more in­ter­est­ing.”

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