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The team mem­bers at cre­ative pro­duc­tion stu­dio Main­frame usu­ally have an in­ter­nal pro­ject of some sort on the go, but of­ten end up aban­don­ing such projects once paid work comes along, only to re­ject them upon a se­cond look later on.

“With For Ap­proval, we were de­ter­mined to break the cy­cle,” says Chris Hard­cas­tle, a part­ner at Main­frame. “We were try­ing to get some­thing to look wrong, but in the ‘right’ way. It be­came very rem­i­nis­cent of the ab­stract con­ver­sa­tions we of­ten find our­selves in work­ing through client projects. Be­ing ‘right’ in our world can be very sub­jec­tive, so there was lots of dis­cus­sion around things like whether the cloth com­ing out of a tap felt both wa­tery and cloth-like,” he ex­plains.

“Be­cause each sce­nario was so stripped-back, get­ting those sub­tle de­tails right took up a lot of our time. We’re re­ally happy with the re­sults, and the re­cep­tion it’s re­ceived has been mind-bog­gling.”

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