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Use forms to build other forms. Du­al­ity and mul­ti­plic­ity – the cre­ation of one im­age through the rep­e­ti­tion or union of oth­ers – are good ways to draw dis­tinc­tion and in­ter­est from sim­ple forms. Work to­gether im­age and type or draw im­age from type. Use neg­a­tive space and a com­mon­al­ity of form to work ideas to­gether in a nat­u­ral and dis­tinc­tive way. Keep to just two ideas and look for a com­fort­able vis­ual bal­ance and a com­mu­nica­tive clar­ity.

Fo­tografiska, Banker­wes­sel, 2010, In­de­pen­dent Cul­tural Venue for the Ex­hi­bi­tion of Pho­tog­ra­phy.

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