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To cel­e­brate SYFY’s 25th birth­day, loy­alka­s­par gave the TV chan­nel’s iden­tity a to­tal over­haul. We cri­tique its new look...

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DANIEL DöRNEMANN Ex­ec­u­tive creative di­rec­tor, loy­alka­s­par www.loy­alka­s­

“We wanted the new SYFY brand to be an ed­i­to­rial brand. One that – with a sim­ple set of tools – can be ag­ile and adapt and com­ment quickly in today’s fast-paced me­dia en­vi­ron­ment. We felt it was im­por­tant to create a recog­nis­able, sim­ple and con­sis­tent ty­po­graphic sys­tem that in­cor­po­rates ex­treme flex­i­bil­ity, while let­ting the mes­sage take cen­tre stage and drive de­ci­sions.

In ad­di­tion to the new logo, we de­signed a pair of cus­tom type­faces for the brand. We were jok­ing that if the idea of an ed­i­to­rial is at the heart of the brand, ty­pog­ra­phy is the blood that runs through it all, con­nect­ing all parts and ev­ery mes­sage back to SYFY.”

JOE SNODGRASS Vis­ual designer, re­searcher and writer www.geodesic­

“I was never a fan of the SYFY spell­ing change (from Sci Fi in 2009). It was try­ing too hard then, and it looks stupid and dated now. Get­ting used to see­ing some­thing, as we have with SYFY, doesn’t make it a smart de­ci­sion that shouldn’t have been made in the first place, or later re­versed.

The rebrand is about sci­ence fic­tion, and the new iden­tity com­mu­ni­cates that well. But SYFY’s con­tent ac­tu­ally spreads across a num­ber of gen­res, sci-fi be­ing just one of them. Even in the new com­mer­cial pro­mos, the rebrand is true to the con­tent and the fans. It features multi-genred ‘nerds’, not just sci­ence fic­tion junkies. SYFY’s new iden­tity should be speak­ing to the fans, who are di­verse in their in­ter­ests. The new iden­tity should have mir­rored the new pro­gramme lineup and been multi-di­men­sional and flex­i­ble.”

RAFAEL C ARMSTRONG Pack­ag­ing designer www.rafae­larm­

“Re­fo­cus­ing on its iden­tity and speak­ing to its core base is some­thing that SYFY has needed to do for a while, and this vis­ual pivot is def­i­nitely a step in the right di­rec­tion. Al­though my knee-jerk re­ac­tion was: ‘Again with a logo re­design?!’ the de­sign and ac­com­pa­ny­ing up­dated vis­ual lan­guage shows that it’s tak­ing steps in the right di­rec­tion.

Gone is the curvy, pur­ple type, and in its place we get a blocky sten­cil-like logo that would be as com­fort­able on the side of a space­ship as it would be on some un­der­ground lab doors. It’s not a perfect so­lu­tion or re­vi­sion, but it is a step for­ward to­wards own­ing the sci-fi iden­tity and wear­ing it with pride.”

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