Glouces­ter­shire agency ASHA has given the an­i­mal wel­fare char­ity a new vis­ual iden­tity. We cri­tique the new brand­ing…

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We get three per­spec­tives on ASHA’s re­align­ment of the char­ity

“Pre­vi­ously, the League Against Cruel Sports por­trayed an­i­mals as tor­tured vic­tims, of­ten leav­ing au­di­ences feel­ing pow­er­less them­selves. Our gen­er­a­tive idea, ‘Hu­man­ity for An­i­mals’, cre­ates the dis­tinc­tion that it’s all about act­ing for an­i­mals, as any­one should who is truly hu­man.

That’s why the new LEAGUE brand iden­tity has had changes to many of its core brand el­e­ments, by creat­ing three sim­ple cat­e­gories: In­ves­ti­gate, Ed­u­cate and Pro­tect.

You can’t change per­cep­tion by logo re­design alone. So we cre­ated a vis­ual po­si­tion­ing that shows the joy in the hu­man and an­i­mal re­la­tion­ship, with the con­cept of ‘Soul to Soul’. This pho­to­graphic style ban­ishes the ‘weak and help­less crea­ture’ per­sona, and in­stead adopts a pos­i­tive, dig­ni­fied and con­fi­dent stance.” “I wasn’t aware of the League Against Cruel Sports prior to their re­brand. The or­gan­i­sa­tion is ob­vi­ously a great and wor­thy char­ity, but it’s a shame their new iden­tity falls short.

The main con­cept of the heart as the paw was al­ready there in the orig­i­nal brand iden­tity, so a simpi­fied ver­sion of this does make sense. How­ever, I’m not sure why there is such an em­pha­sis on LEAGUE. Surely that first glance should tell you this is an an­i­mal char­ity?

The poster and busi­ness card lay­out is lack­ing en­ergy and dy­namism. For a com­pany try­ing to put an end to tro­phy hunt­ing, it seems an odd choice to dis­play the an­i­mals in what looks like taxi­dermy dis­play cab­i­nets. Those three posters on the brick wall wouldn’t look out of place in Nor­man Bates’ bed­room. And one fi­nal point: which cruel sports in­volve house cats...?” “A solid, pos­i­tive re­brand. The shield mark is a sim­ple, strong metaphor for pro­tec­tion. Us­ing the re­verse of the shield as a se­condary subl­ogo is clever. Sim­pli­fy­ing the pre­vi­ous ‘bloody paw’ mark, and re­mov­ing the gore from the paw, is a step for­ward too.

The In­ves­ti­gate-Ed­u­cate-Pro­tect word­ing is strong, to­gether with the line ‘De­fend­ing per­se­cuted an­i­mals’ turn­ing a brand that is, un­der­stand­ably, against some­thing into a brand with a pos­i­tive mis­sion.

The geo­met­ric sans word­mark is fine, and looks clean and con­sid­ered, although this is def­i­nitely a look that’s go­ing to de­fine and date the cur­rent era.

But my favourite el­e­ment is the shield pin­badge – I’d hap­pily wear that. The word­ing on the re­verse is a sub­tle bit of at­ten­tion to de­tail, and well thought-through.”

AN­DREW CAMERON Cre­ative head, Or­ckid De­sign & Mar­ket­ing www.or­ckid.com

MARKSTEEN ADAM­SON Found­ing part­ner, ASHA www.ashaweb­site.co.uk

WILL GEE Graphic de­signer www.be­hance.net/ willygee

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