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DOODLE CARDS by Tim Easley

Il­lus­tra­tor Tim Easley wanted to cre­ate per­sonal busi­ness cards that would stand out. He achieved his aim us­ing cus­tom-de­signed pat­terns and a gold doodle over­lay, which was cut into sec­tions and ap­plied over the tops of the cards.

“My aim with busi­ness cards is al­ways to make some­thing bright and in­ter­est­ing that peo­ple will keep out on their desk or put on a no­tice­board,” he ex­plains. “Gold was the ob­vi­ous choice for the doo­dles, be­cause ev­ery­one likes shiny things. I’ve had great re­ac­tions giv­ing them out.”

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