Computer Arts - - Project Diary - Jo­hannes Breyer and Fabian Harb

Nike Gorky had a live project el­e­ment to it as well. This was set up in Nike Box MSK, a new space Nike cre­ated with Kos­mos Ar­chi­tects. The project be­gan just be­fore the 2018 World Cup in Rus­sia kicked off in June.

Un­for­tu­nately, we weren’t there our­selves but it con­sisted of a se­ries of work­shops with a fo­cus on mak­ing cus­tom foot­ball jer­seys. Some were in­vi­ta­tion-only, and oth­ers were open to a cer­tain amount of par­tic­i­pants from the public. Ex­perts were on hand to help the par­tic­i­pants with the tools, ma­chines and ma­te­ri­als. There were no lim­its, peo­ple cut up and re-as­sem­bled the jer­seys, short­ened them, ex­tended them and used a va­ri­ety of colours and ma­te­ri­als.

In ad­di­tion to the char­ac­ters we cre­ated, we de­signed a set of ab­stract shapes, which we imag­ined could be used as al­ter­na­tives to spon­sor lo­gos on the jer­seys. The shapes were cre­ated us­ing the let­ters we de­signed but in mir­rored, ro­tated and merged com­bi­na­tions. Ini­tially, Nike was plan­ning to launch shapes for all the Moscow neigh­bour­hoods but we steered away from that to ar­rive at more ab­stract so­lu­tions fo­cus­ing on uni­fi­ca­tion rather than sep­a­rat­ing groups and ar­eas from each other. Dur­ing the work­shops, the ty­pog­ra­phy and the ab­stract shapes later could be com­bined to cre­ate the cus­tom jersey de­signs.

So far the project has led to quite a lot of vis­i­bil­ity for our stu­dio, and the team at Nike seemed very en­thu­si­as­tic about the whole project too. It was a great chal­lenge to work on a project with such a tight dead­line, and to cre­ate a de­sign that we think has dis­tinct qual­i­ties in both Latin and Cyril­lic. We only wish we could have been there to make our own jer­seys!

Fol­low­ing the World Cup it will be in­ter­est­ing to see what Nike does with the de­signs. They own the rights to the let­ter­ing for another year. Then it re­verts to us and we’ll be able to use and maybe de­velop the type­face fur­ther. Who knows?

COM­PUT­ERARTS.CREATIVEBLOQ.COM - 96 - 07 “We de­signed a set of ab­stract shapes that could be used as al­ter­na­tives to spon­sor lo­gos on the jer­seys”

07 Some of the jer­seys pro­duced by the cre­ative project held at Nike Box MSK were put on dis­play in the tem­po­rary stu­dio, with Di­namo’s unique let­ter­ing and nu­mer­als prom­i­nent.

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