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With Stu­dio Sutherl& win­ning the top spot for the sec­ond time, Jim was faced with top­ping his own work, the won­der­ful glow in the dark 2017 cover. We’ll let him ex­plain his thought pro­cesses be­hind this year’s aus­tere beauty...

“As this is­sue is a cel­e­bra­tion of the United King­dom and the great de­sign that comes out of it, we de­cided to re­con­fig­ure the na­tional flag – tak­ing the shapes of the Union Jack and play­ing with them. Our idea was born out of an in­ter­est in flags as sym­bols of na­tional iden­tity. I think it’s im­por­tant to phys­i­cally play as part of our pro­fes­sional prac­tice. Do­ing the roughs for the cover with pa­per cuts

– rather than work­ing on the com­puter – is a key way of start­ing, gen­er­at­ing and form­ing ideas.

Flags are a mo­tif we have used in sev­eral projects that have a shared sense of lo­cal or na­tional iden­tity. These projects in­clude: So­mos Brasil (A Hu­man At­las of portraits by Mar­cus Lyon with DNA and in­ter­views), in which a fig­ure is con­structed from the Brazil­ian flag; St Albans Mu­seum & Gallery, where tri­an­gles create the St Albans cross with their neg­a­tive space; and We: Deutsch­land (An­other Hu­man At­las of portraits by Mar­cus Lyon with DNA and in­ter­views), where the core el­e­ments of the Ger­man flag are laid out to create the ‘W and E’ of the ti­tle.”

One of the most ex­cit­ing cover de­signs for us to see un­fold, watch­ing Jim at work has been a les­son in fun, com­mit­ment and un­shak­able in­tegrity.

Watch this and pre­vi­ous CA cov­ers be­ing man­u­fac­tured at­fin­ishes

Left: Brain­storm­ing with ex­ploded flag cutouts led Jim to all sorts of weird and won­der­ful places...

Above and be­low: Jim pro­vided us withtoo many beau­ti­ful so­lu­tions. His ex­per­i­ments with die cuts and mono de­signs all demon­strated his com­mit­ment to dis­cover the ul­ti­mate re­fine­ment of an idea.

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