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GO KOREAN BRAND FILM by Val­léeDuhamel www.vallee­duhamel.com Cre­ated for the global re­launch of Korean Air, Go Korean is a branded film that fol­lows one pas­sen­ger’s trans­for­ma­tional jour­ney from the board­ing gate to his seat. It’s one of three planned short films pro­duced by Cana­dian stu­dio Val­léeDuhamel, and aims to high­light how Korean Air has metic­u­lously in­jected a unique ex­pe­ri­ence into the long-es­tab­lished ser­vice.

“The con­ti­nu­ity be­tween the dif­fer­ent sets and tran­si­tions needed to feel seam­less,” ex­plains co­founder Julien Val­lée. “We didn’t want the film to be re­stricted to look like one sin­gle se­quence shot, but we had to plan the shots in a way that felt like it was one sin­gle jour­ney.”

For Val­lée and stu­dio part­ner Eve Duhamel, work­ing on the neon street strip in the film was the most re­ward­ing part of the project. “It was so in­ter­est­ing to study the Korean al­pha­bet,” re­calls Val­lée, “and great to see the neon signs coming to life af­ter de­sign­ing them in Il­lus­tra­tor.”

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