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> Tech­nique 7. Draw cus­tom waveta­bles

Let’s cre­ate a DIY bass patch from scratch with Serum’s ed­itable os­cil­la­tor mod­ules

1 Click Osc A’s pen­cil icon to open up the wave­form ed­i­tor, then hit Add/Re­move » Init All in the menu to ini­tialise the wavetable. Draw a funky wave­form us­ing the tools on the left side. For ex­tra pre­ci­sion, grid op­tions are found at the bot­tom right.

2 The thumb­nails un­der the ed­i­tor show all the sub­ta­bles in­side your wavetable. Click the + to copy your sub­table into the next slot. Now draw a fresh wave­form in the new sub­table – try us­ing the noise tool to fill in in gritty up­per har­mon­ics.

3 Se­lect your sec­ond sub­table, click Morph » Morph - Cross­fade. This pro­duces a 256-frame wavetable, in­ter­po­lated from what you drew. Exit the wave­form ed­i­tor, and click the os­cil­la­tor wave for 3D dis­play mode. Now mod­u­late that wavetable po­si­tion!

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