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2. Epic trance riffs with Diva’s dig­i­tal os­cil­la­tor

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1 The Roland JP-8000 and JP-8080 pop­u­larised the su­per­saw wave­form, and with it the an­themic sound of trance mu­sic. Diva recre­ates this clas­sic sound with its Mul­ti­saw wave­form – we’ll put it into ac­tion with Diva’s Dig­i­tal os­cil­la­tor. Load Diva up, se­lect the INIT Gigi-Uh­bie tem­plate and turn the master Out­put down to 50 to avoid clip­ping the chan­nel.

2 The tem­plate patch comes set with the Mul­ti­saw wave­form (seven stacked saw­tooth wave­forms) al­ready loaded. It’s thick al­ready, but with a few al­ter­ations we can add even more girth. Turn Os­cil­la­tor 1’s De­tune to 70 to de­tune the stacked os­cil­la­tors against each other. For ex­tra rich­ness, turn the Multi dial to 100 to raise the vol­ume of the stacked pairs.

3 To shape the sound’s amp en­ve­lope, head to Ana­logue Env1 and move the Sus­tain slider to 25 and Re­lease to 40. Now add space with de­lay and re­verb: turn on Ef­fect 1 (which is a de­lay by de­fault), then change Ef­fect 2 to Plate 2 and turn it on. Try au­tomat­ing the fil­ter Cut­off and the amp De­cay slider for some epic trance build-ups!

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