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4. Clas­sic Moog bass us­ing Diva’s fil­ter over­drive

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1 Orig­i­nal Min­i­moog own­ers dis­cov­ered that plug­ging the out­put of the synth back into the ex­ter­nal in­put would over­drive the fil­ter and add gnarly ag­gres­sion to the sound. Diva recre­ates this fea­ture per­fectly – let’s take ad­van­tage and cre­ate a clas­sic Moog-style bass. Cre­ate an in­stance of Diva and load the INIT Min­i­mono tem­plate.

2 We’ll set up the os­cil­la­tors first. Drop Os­cil­la­tor 1’s Range con­trol to 16', low­er­ing the pitch by one oc­tave. Next, thicken the sound out by adding in Os­cil­la­tor 2. First off, turn up Os­cil­la­tor 2’s Vol­ume to 70 so we can hear it. Turn the Range con­trol down to 16' to match the pitch of Os­cil­la­tor 1.

3 Turn os­cil­la­tor two’s Wave­form dial to 8. This changes the wave­form to a square wave, rough­en­ing things up a bit. Now add in Os­cil­la­tor 3 by turn­ing its Vol­ume dial up to 70. As this os­cil­la­tor is pitched an oc­tave higher than the other two, it’ll bring a bit of clar­ity to the notes, so leave the pitch set to the de­fault 8'.

4 Time to over­drive the sound with feed­back! Grab the Feed­back dial and turn it to 100 to hear the sig­nal dis­tort. While we’re here, turn the Noise dial to 45 to add some ex­tra chaos and dirt into the sig­nal. By dis­tort­ing and adding noise, we give our­selves a com­plex sig­nal which is per­fect for sub­trac­tive syn­the­sis.

5 It’s sound­ing very harsh, so drop the fil­ter’s Cut­off dial to 70 to re­move the top-end fizz, then add res­o­nance by turn­ing the Em­pha­sis dial to 65. We can sharpen the at­tack by con­trol­ling the fil­ter cut­off with an en­ve­lope: turn the dial marked Env 2 to 24. Now the fil­ter’s cut­off dial will re­spond to en­ve­lope 2.

6 Change ADS Env 2’s At­tack to 15 and De­cay to 40. Older mono­phonic synths favoured low notes over high, mean­ing if a low note was held a higher note wouldn’t sound – we can change this in the Main panel by set­ting Note Pri­or­ity to Last. Fi­nally, change Mode from Legato to Mono to force the en­ve­lope to re­trig­ger each time we hit a note.

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