3. Trance-gat­ing with the step se­quencer

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1 VPS Avenger’s Step Se­quencer can be used for mod­u­la­tion of any pa­ram­e­ter within the synth, but by de­fault it’s a good old-fash­ioned trance-gate, mak­ing light work of chop­ping sus­tained sounds up into rhyth­mic parts. Here we’ve loaded the PD Solina Strings patch, added the Trance 6 Drums Os­cil­la­tor pre­set and pat­tern, and pro­grammed a MIDI chord se­quence. 2 The pad com­prises two Os­cil­la­tors. Send them both to the Step Se­quencer by click­ing the Step SQ 1 but­tons in their Route pan­els – the de­fault se­quence kicks in. Each ver­ti­cal bar in the se­quencer opens the gate, let­ting the sig­nal from the Os­cil­la­tors through. Load Clas­sic Gate 6 (from the Se­quencer’s Rhyth­mic Sim­ple menu) for a more in­ter­est­ing pat­tern. 3 The Con­tour knob smoothes the gate’s open­ing and clos­ing, while the Gate knob short­ens the amount of time that each step is held open. The bal­ance of gated and un­gated sig­nals is set with the Vol Mix knob. Switch from Mono to Stereo to get sep­a­rate se­quencers for the left and right chan­nels – use the Stereo Width knob to nar­row and widen the im­age.

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