5. Zon­ing out

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Us­ing the Zones page of the cen­tral dis­play, you can set up very pre­cise lay­ers and splits, with or with­out cross­fades, in or­der to make your patches shift in tim­bre with changes in note pitch and ve­loc­ity.

In the video, we take a poly­phonic mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the CH Clas­sic House pre­set and ap­ply four dif­fer­ent kinds of zon­ing to split and layer its two Os­cil­la­tors – Pi­ano and Strings. First, a straight keysplit, with one zone butted squarely up against the other, de­liv­er­ing 100% pi­ano Os­cil­la­tor for notes be­low the C and 100% strings for notes above it. Next, we over­lap the two lay­ers again but ap­ply op­po­site fades to each to cross­fade the two Os­cil­la­tors as the notes rise and fall. Then, the same again but with zon­ing based on ve­loc­ity rather than pitch: a straight spilt fol­lowed by a cross­fade.

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