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As a new-for-2017 su­per­synth tot­ing a full com­ple­ment of os­cil­la­tors, voices and ef­fects, VPS Avenger has the po­ten­tial to hurt your CPU. Manuel di­vulged a few con­ser­va­tion mea­sures to free up some cy­cles.


“If you're cre­at­ing a unisono ef­fect, the V-Saw and the Chorder both mul­ti­ply the num­ber of os­cil­la­tors. Us­ing them to­gether has very lit­tle ef­fect, and a very high cost to CPU.

“An­other pos­si­bil­ity to save voices is to use an AA Vin­tage Cho­rus FX in­stead of the V-Saw. It takes less CPU but still sounds wide and fat, and in some cases gives you more op­tions.

“You can also limit your voices – in Avenger you can se­lect from 64 down to 1. An in­tel­li­gent al­go­rithm is used, so the old­est voice is al­ways killed first. This can save CPU when you, for ex­am­ple, play a sound with long re­lease – the old voices are barely au­di­ble, but still use CPU. You should cre­ate a voice limit that's twice as high as the num­ber of notes you'll play. It'll sound the same, but CPU is spared.”


“What costs the most CPU is when many voices play at once. The main cul­prit is the Amp Re­lease. Bend­ing the Amp Re­lease up­wards in­stead of down­wards will keep the re­lease au­di­ble for longer, and there­fore take more CPU power. You can also save CPU by just us­ing one Send FX in­stance rather than in­di­vid­ual in­stances of, say, re­verb.”


“If you want to add a sub wave, in­stead of open­ing a full sec­ond os­cil­la­tor tab, try us­ing the Sub Os­cil­la­tor on the Chorder page. This also counts if you want to add a wave one oc­tave higher. Us­ing the Chorder set to +12 takes less CPU than cre­at­ing a whole new os­cil­la­tor tab.”


“Only use fil­ters if nec­es­sary. Our best­per­fom­ing fil­ter­type is the ANA, while the most de­mand­ing are the NEX fil­ters. Also, us­ing the fil­ter Drive in Over­sam­pled mode uses much more CPU – only use it when you ab­so­lutely need the best pos­si­ble qual­ity.”

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