Adding hats and get­ting the shakes

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Spektre use a Roland TR-909 open hat sam­ple to cre­ate Mid­dle of Ev­ery­where’s hi-hat part, with higher ve­loc­i­ties ap­plied to par­tic­u­lar notes to ac­cent them. A high­shelf fil­ter courtesy of Eio­sis AirEQ is ap­plied to give the hat a shim­mer­ing top-end, with a high-pass fil­ter tak­ing out the lows. “It kind of con­tra­dicts what I said about top end boosts, but they do sound nicer on AirEQ than EQ Eight!” Paul grins. Sound­toys EchoBoy is then ap­plied to add an eighth­note ping-pong de­lay with some gen­tle Stu­dio Tape sat­u­ra­tion and LowCut fil­ter.

Two shaker parts are used to sup­ple­ment the rhythm’s top-end: a syn­co­pated shaker and a shaker loop. The syn­co­pated shaker’s high-end is toned down a lit­tle to give it more midrange pres­ence and bite. To do this, the boys turn to Sound­toys Ra­di­a­tor, set­ting its In­put and Out­puts knobs to warm up the sig­nal at the same time.

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