1. Polyrhyh­mic lay­ered arps

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Avenger’s dis­crete os­cil­la­tors, arpeg­gia­tors and step se­quencers make it an ab­so­lute mon­ster when it comes to polyrhyth­mic lay­er­ing – that is, stack­ing pat­tern-based parts run­ning in dif­fer­ent time sig­na­tures. Start by draw­ing a 64-bar long D mi­nor chord into a MIDI clip in your DAW –D F A D – and load­ing the Two Synths patch from Tu­to­rial Files. This is a sim­ple two-lay­ered patch with Os­cil­la­tors 1 and 2 routed to VPS Avenger’s Arpeg­gia­tor 1 for an up­ward four-note arpeg­gio, and a drum pat­tern play­ing along­side. Click to the Arp page in the cen­tral dis­play. The de­fault arpeg­gio is eight steps long with no pitch off­set – let’s mess it up a bit. Each of the green blocks in the Arpeg­gia­tor rep­re­sents the off­set of the arpeg­giated note trig­gered by that step – by mov­ing them up and down we can re­shape the note pro­gres­sion. Drag step 2 down to -5 (semi­tones), step 4 up to +7, and the green block it­self on step 6 up one whole step to raise it an oc­tave. Set the arpeg­gia­tor’s Pat­tern Length knob to 7 and the four-note arpeg­gio takes on a whole new char­ac­ter. It now restarts af­ter seven 16th-notes and thus is no longer di­vis­i­ble by the num­ber of notes in the chord, re­sult­ing in a dif­fer­ent pat­tern each time round, re­set­ting ev­ery seven bars (and when the chord is re­trig­gered ev­ery 64 bars, of course). Now click the + but­ton next to Arp 1 in the Arp tab to add a sec­ond Arpeg­gia­tor. Load it with the Ba­sic Bassline 2 pre­set from the menu at the top-right of the Arp tab, and as­sign Os­cil­la­tor 2 to it by click­ing Arp 1 in its Route panel and switch­ing to Arp 2. With its nine ac­tive steps, the notes of Arp 2 change from bar to bar, as the four-note chord shifts them each time. Low­er­ing the Pat­tern length from 16 to 15 and delet­ing the last block reg­u­lates the note cy­cle, but knocks the tim­ing out of sync with the bar­lines. The re­sult is a funky dual-arp polyrhythm that only re­sets on the down­beat ev­ery 105 bars!

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