Master the uni­verse’s three most pow­er­ful vir­tual in­stru­ments,

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To call the ever-ex­pand­ing uni­verse of vir­tual in­stru­ments a lit­tle over­whelm­ing would be quite the un­der­state­ment. Ev­ery year, more and more soft­ware syn­the­sis­ers are un­leashed upon the mu­sic-mak­ing com­mu­nity, each claim­ing to be more pow­er­ful than the last. With new­fan­gled syn­the­sis meth­ods, ear-bend­ing os­cil­la­tor types, count­less fil­ters, abun­dant mod­u­la­tion rout­ing op­tions and fu­tur­is­tic step-se­quenc­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties thrust upon us, how the hell do we get past the usual pre­set-scan­ning to sculpt our own sounds and – heaven for­bid – ac­tu­ally make some tracks?

Yet as an elec­tronic mu­si­cian, there’s noth­ing quite as lib­er­at­ing (or fun!) as be­ing able to call up a syn­the­siser and dial in the ex­act sound that’s in your head – or even come up with some­thing com­pletely fresh out of nowhere. Take our word for it: in­vest time in learn­ing one or two ver­sa­tile synths like the back of your hand, and you’ll be well on your way to mu­sic pro­duc­tion mas­tery! And with the world of soft­ware synths grow­ing ex­po­nen­tially, there’s never been a bet­ter time to dig deep and ac­tu­ally learn your favourite synth’s fea­tures and func­tions like a pro.

To this end, then, we’ve put to­gether the ul­ti­mate three-part tu­to­rial se­ries that will help you un­der­stand the in­ner work­ings of three soft­synth giants, all of which scored 10/10 in their re­spec­tive re­views: Xfer Records’ wavetable beast and ever-pop­u­lar all-rounder, Serum; u-he’s ana­logue-mod­el­ling rouge mon­ster, Diva; and VPS Avenger, Vengeance-Sound’s fu­tur­is­tic be­he­moth.

What’s more, ev­ery sin­gle tu­to­rial and tech­nique across the three fea­tures comes with step-by-step au­dio ex­am­ples, a pre­set file for you to load up, and an ex­pert video guide so you can fol­low along ev­ery step of the way. It all adds up to the de­fin­i­tive learn­ing pack­age for to­day’s com­puter mu­si­cian!

So with­out fur­ther ado, it’s time to strap in, flip over the page, fire up your DAW of choice, and get to grips with three of to­day’s most pow­er­ful syn­the­sis­ers once and for all…

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