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3. Re­peat­ing build-up FX with free plu­g­ins

Computer Music - - The Drop -

1 De­lay ef­fects can turn sounds into in­ten­si­fy­ing builds. Load the WAVs “DnB…” onto au­dio tracks in a 174BPM project. Turn the Stab track down to -15dB and put PSP cmDe­lay on it. As a start, set De­lay Time to 600ms; Ping-Pong to Left for bounc­ing stereo echoes; high Fil­ter to 1k8 and Feed­back ( FB) to 100. 2 Be­cause cmDe­lay is a tape-style de­lay, twid­dling the De­lay Time pa­ram­e­ter will give us some screwed-up pitch- and time-warp­ing ef­fects. Au­to­mate it to go from 600ms to its min­i­mum over the course of the build, then snap it back down to 150ms just as the drop hits. 3 Now au­to­mate the high Fil­ter ( LPF Cut­off) to in­crease through the en­tire build. Au­to­mate Feed­Back so it rises from 100 to 150 over the first four bars, then ramps down to 0 over the first four bars of the drop. To clear out the de­lay buf­fer for the start of the build, set Feed­back to zero for the bar be­fore­hand. 4 To spice up the ef­fect, add a CM Verb, Togu Au­dio Line’s TAL-Cho­rus-LX with 25% Dry/Wet, and D16 Fron­tier with Thresh­old at 0dB and Soft Clip Off. Get cre­ative with your De­lay Time au­to­ma­tion curve to cre­ate men­tal glitches and scratch-like FX – change Glide to Fast for a more pre­cise re­sponse.

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