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8. Gl­itch­ing with re­straint

Computer Music - - The Drop -

Gl­itchy, stut­ter­ing ed­its can be ef­fec­tive, but they can also sound dated and clichéd. Rather than us­ing a glitch plugin over the track, try pro­cess­ing your drums (or whole track) with dif­fer­ent ef­fects and record­ing the re­sults onto a new chan­nel. In do­ing so, you’ll cre­ate an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent-sound­ing ver­sions of the track, which can then be spliced to­gether. You can be as wild or con­ser­va­tive with this tech­nique as you like, but a good place to start is plac­ing a dif­fer­ent edit on ev­ery beat of the last bar in the build-up. Of­ten a blend of ‘washed-out’ ef­fects mixed with dri­er­sound­ing ed­its cre­ates in­ter­est­ing con­trast. This process can cre­ate unique re­sults, but less can of­ten mean more – main­tain­ing the rhyth­mic flow of the track is more im­por­tant than wacky, over-the-top FX.

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