Bassline switch-up

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20:29 To keep things in­ter­est­ing, Hatcha and Lost de­cide to switch up the bassline dur­ing the track. “We wanted to make it a bit more midrange so that the guys that like the rough stuff can re­late to it as well,” ex­plains Lost. The switch-up bass sound com­prises two lay­ers made with sep­a­rate in­stances of Al­bino 3. The first is a subby bass patch that sounds much like the orig­i­nal bass noise but with an ex­tra os­cil­la­tor set to the synth’s har­mon­i­cally com­plex Spectr25 shape. The sec­ond is a tear­ing midrange sound based around the Spectr25 shape, dis­torted via the in­stru­ment’s lo-fi ef­fect. “A lot of that crunch is to do with the Al­bino lo-fi – you can change the Cut­off to con­trol the amount of crunch,” says Lost. To tame the highs on this track, Fruity Fil­ter is ap­plied in low-pass mode to leave just the very top end of the sig­nal. “It just made it a bit warmer, a bit more or­ganic,” he adds.

“We YouTubed David At­ten­bor­ough and found some cool sounds. The sam­ple we used was a bird, but the bird was mim­ick­ing a mon­key!”

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