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1. Ex­plor­ing the Korg MS-20’s in­sane fil­ters

Computer Music - - Korg Legacy Session -

1 Do you want to hear what may be the nas­ti­est fil­ters ever con­ceived? Then step right this way! We’ve got our MS-20 in­stan­ti­ated and we’ll click on the Proglist but­ton at the lower-right, click Load Pro­gram and se­lect MS-20_Blank.fxp that we’ve made ahead of time – you can grab it in the Tu­to­rial Files folder.

2 If we trig­ger a few notes, we’ll hear that it’s as bland as milk – just a cou­ple of os­cil­la­tors and no fil­ter­ing. Let’s click the Edit but­ton and scroll so that we see os­cil­la­tors, fil­ters, and en­velopes. Set Os­cil­la­tor 1’ s wave to saw­tooth and its Scale to 8'. This will give the fil­ters more to chew on.

3 Now let’s set both fil­ters’ Peaks to max and their Cut­offs to just above 4. If we play, we can hear a gritty, dis­torted sound. If we go down and set the Low­pass Fil­ter’s EG 2/Ext knob to 7.70, the sec­ond En­ve­lope Gen­er­a­tor will mod­u­late its Cut­off Fre­quency for more may­hem. Ex­per­i­ment for sweet – or sick – spots!

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