You want ad­vice? Don’t try to fix it in the mix!

Computer Music - - Interview / Erick Morillo -

“A good track is built with good in­gre­di­ents. The kick, snare, the bassline and your ba­sic melody. As you’re putting them to­gether, you gotta im­me­di­ately start think­ing about your fi­nal mix. And if that track ain’t sound­ing fuck­ing awe­some with those first few build­ing blocks, you might as well throw it all away and start again.

“And don’t be afraid to use in­gre­di­ents that have worked for you in the past. This isn’t a com­pe­ti­tion where you get a prize for us­ing the most amount of dif­fer­ent kick drums and snares. If that fuck­ing kick makes you move, stick with it un­til it stops mak­ing you move.

"The num­ber one Mo­rillo rule is: never ever say that you’re gonna fix it in the mix – there’s no such thing as fix­ing it in the mix, or fix­ing it when it gets mas­tered. If you’ve got shit go­ing in, all you’re gonna get out the other side is slightly bet­ter sound­ing shit.”

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