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10. Bring the beat back!

Computer Music - - The Drop -

Rein­tro­duce rhythm to smoothly tran­si­tion from a break­down to the drop…

1 Lead­ing into the drop doesn’t have to get too tech­ni­cal – some­times, all that’s nec­es­sary is for the beat to be re­in­stated, to get the rhythm locked in once again. Load in 3-Drums.wav and 3-Track.wav into two au­dio chan­nels. Com­bined, th­ese make up a break­down sec­tion lead­ing into a drop.

2 On the drum chan­nel, high­light bars 17-19 and copy them, then paste this drum part to bar 15. We’ve now placed the drums over the last two bars of the break­down, but we need to re­move some of their power. Now load an Auto Fil­ter onto the drum track.

3 Change the mode to High Pass and set the Freq to 250Hz. We only want to fil­ter dur­ing the break­down, so right-click on the de­vice ac­ti­va­tor but­ton, then se­lect show au­to­ma­tion. Au­to­mate the fil­ter to turn on for bars 15-17 and turn off when the track drops for max­i­mum im­pact!

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