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In the Pedal page you get four op­tions: one screamer-style Over­drive be­fore the Amp, and three ef­fects ped­als (De­lay, Wah and Re­verb) af­ter the Cab. The Over­drive works well com­bined with cleaner Amp set­tings, or can push ex­ist­ing over­driven tones over the edge. Its Tone set­tings can help brighten the fun­da­men­tally warm Amp sound.

In the Ef­fects mod­ule, click­ing a pedal opens the ed­itable zoom win­dow. The Wah is well equipped with Drive, Dis­tor­tion and Tone ac­com­pa­ny­ing the tra­di­tional band-pass fil­ter, ad­justed us­ing the Wah knob. The De­lay is rea­son­ably straight­for­ward (De­lay Time, Re­peat and De­lay Level).

Over­all, our favourite Ef­fects pedal is the Re­verb, with three suit­ably grungy re­verbs joined by a rather ex­cel­lent Re­verse set­ting, which adds a breath­ing ethe­real ef­fect to chunky riff­ing when used in mod­er­a­tion. Ad­justable pa­ram­e­ters are kept sim­ple (Blend and Amount) for ease of use.

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