A sam­pler to chal­lenge the sta­tus quo, and a heavy­weight DAW up­date

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The HALion sam­pler has reached v6, and – on pa­per at least – it rep­re­sents se­ri­ous com­pe­ti­tion for NI Kon­takt and UVI Fal­con. For starters, there’s “next-gen­er­a­tion” wavetable syn­the­sis – you can ex­tract sin­gle-cy­cle wave­forms from im­ported au­dio files, then cross­fade smoothly through them. New patch con­tent in­cludes two grand pi­anos, Hot Brass, Stu­dio Strings, An­ima (wavetable-based synth), and Sky­lab (gran­u­lar syn­the­sis in­stru­ment).

Cus­tom patch in­ter­faces can be whipped up in the Macro Page De­signer us­ing tem­plates and drag-and-drop con­trols, while HALion Script al­lows pro­gram­ming of ad­vanced be­hav­iour and cus­tom fea­tures. The new Li­brary Cre­ator should make it a breeze to ex­port creations as VST Sound li­braries for HALion and the HALion Sonic work­sta­tion (which, in­ci­den­tally, has reached v3, with 25GB of added con­tent and new ef­fects).

HALion 6 now does some­thing most samplers can’t: sam­ple! You can record au­dio direct from an in­put, then slice it straight into a patch. Fur­ther ad­di­tions in­clude Li­brary Man­ager, AAX sup­port, and Res­onator ef­fect. HALion 6 costs £282. HALion Sonic 3 is £201.

On the DAW front, ver­sion 8 of Cubase’s big brother, Nuendo, has been an­nounced. Preva­lent in post-pro­duc­tion and game au­dio, v8 in­cor­po­rates Game Au­dio Con­nect 2, in­te­grat­ing with Au­dioki­netic’s Wwise in­ter­ac­tive au­dio sys­tem. Com­posers can pipe au­dio and MIDI tracks (in­clud­ing cue/cy­cle mark­ers) straight to Wwise.

Also new is Direct Off­line Pro­cess­ing, re­plac­ing the ex­ist­ing cool-but-creaky Off­line Pro­cess­ing, al­low­ing for en­tire re­callable, ed­itable ef­fects chains; Auto ReNamer for as­sign­ing new names to events; and Sound Ran­dom­izer, which scram­bles pitch, tim­bre, im­pact and tim­ing. There are some fea­tures seem­ingly taken from re­cent Cubase re­leases, too, in­clud­ing Sam­pler Tracks, MixCon­sole His­tory and Fre­quency EQ. Nuendo 8 is out in June, with the price TBC.

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HALion 6 looks like a beast of a power-sam­pler Nuendo 8 aims to be the game au­dio com­poser’s dream DAW

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