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9. Punchy, pow­er­ful 16th-note bass

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1 Snappy 16th-note basslines are a great means of adding some pace to a track. For this type of bass, we’re after clar­ity rather than com­plex­ity. Drop in Dune CM and ini­tialise the patch by click­ing on the Bank B but­ton. Fat­ten things up by turn­ing the Voices dial to 8 and widen things slightly by turn­ing the Spread dial to 40%. Now cre­ate a bar of 16th-notes on a MIDI clip.

2 The bass needs need to be quick and snappy, so head to the Fil­ter and Amp En­velopes and pull the Sus­tain down to 0%. We’re get­ting some­where, but us­ing the fil­ter en­ve­lope would add some bite to the at­tack stage. Pull the Fil­ter Cut­off down to 15% to roll off some high end, then make the fil­ter re­spond to the en­ve­lope by turn­ing the Env dial up to 75%.

3 The en­ve­lope de­cay time is a lit­tle too quick. To cor­rect this, we’ve turned both the Fil­ter and Amp En­ve­lope De­cay di­als to 60%. We’ll add even more bite with a sec­ond os­cil­la­tor and a bit of FM – turn both the Osc Mix and FM1 di­als to 25%. To fin­ish things off, try sidechain­ing the bass to your kick for a lit­tle rhyth­mic pulse.

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