11. A re­spon­sive key­track­ing Reese bass

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A great trick to add some vari­a­tion is to link the speed of the LFO to pitch, so it in­creases as you play up the key­board. Load Dune CM and ini­tialise the patch by click­ing the Bank B but­ton. Turn the Osc

Mix dial to 50%, then turn the Osc 3 Level dial to max. Thicken things up by turn­ing the Voices and Spread di­als to max.


Turn the De­tune dial to 10% to de­tune the uni­son lay­ers. It’s thick, but it’s too bright – so drop the Fil­ter Cut­off down to around 65%. Now head to the Out­put sec­tion and se­lect Mono, and turn the Glide con­trol up to around 90% to slide be­tween notes. Now move to LFO 1 and Sync it to your host’s tempo.


Move the LFO Rate dial to 1/16T to set the LFO’s base speed. Now in the Mod Ma­trix, Set slot 1’s Source to LFO 1, Amount to +20 and Des­ti­na­tion to Fil­ter Cut­off – this makes the LFO wob­ble the fil­ter. In slot 2, set source to Note #, Amount to +50 and Des­ti­na­tion to LFO 1 Rate to make the LFO rate in­crease with note pitch.

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