16. Grimey, dis­torted 808s

Dis­torted 808 kicks are a sta­ple of mod­ern grime pro­duc­tion. Let’s make a cus­tom ver­sion in Mas­sive

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A dis­torted 808 kick can be cre­ated us­ing sam­ples and any dis­tor­tion plugin, but it’s just as sim­ple to repli­cate a cus­tomis­able ver­sion us­ing Mas­sive. From the ini­tialised patch, set the Voices to 1 and Osc 1 to Sin-Tri­an­gle with the

Wt-Po­si­tion fully left to give a pure sine. Set Pitch to -24.


Route Env 1 to Osc 1 pitch by +24. Shape the en­ve­lope with 0 At­tack, a short De­cay and 0 Sus­tain or Re­lease. This gives a punchy, kick-like hit. In the In­sert 1 slot add Hard Clip­per, push the Drive to max and Wet/Dry to around 50%. Add Clas­sic Tube into FX1 with both Drive and Wet/Dry at around 30%.


That’s plenty dis­torted and punchy. We can now use the amp en­ve­lope (Env 4) to shape our sound. A Low­pass 2 fil­ter with plenty of Res­o­nance will add even more punch. Tweak the Cut­off to taste and try us­ing another of Mas­sive’s en­velopes to sweep the fil­ter for even more bounce and punch!

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