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Be­fore Paul dives into work­flow specifics, he ham­mers home the im­por­tance of hav­ing ev­ery­thing pre­pared for cre­ativ­ity. “This is my [Cubase] tem­plate that I start ev­ery track with. Be­cause I have groups and rout­ings set up, I get a bit lost with­out it, and it takes a long time to recre­ate. So this tem­plate has ev­ery­thing set up.

“There are a bunch of empty chan­nels, routed into sev­eral sub-drum buses (Kick, Hats, Per­cus­sion, Breaks, etc), that all go into a ‘Drums Main’ bus. ‘Sub Bass’ is a mono group, so I can shove a sub straight into that. Then three chan­nels for midrange bass (Midrange 1, 2 and 3). All bass sub-groups feed into a ‘To­tal Bass’ bus. I also have a ‘Synths’ bus, ‘Vocoder’ bus (which re­quires spe­cific rout­ing in Cubase), and an ‘FX’ bus.”

Paul’s tem­plate lets him in­te­grate hard­ware too. “I have a [Dave Smith] Pro-2 synth here, which has a plugin for con­trol, so I have that loaded ready to go; and the out­put of the synth runs straight into Cubase. Then this TT-303 [a TB-303 clone] is routed straight into the project. I wouldn’t use these in ev­ery sin­gle track, but it’s handy to have all these rout­ings sorted just in case.”

Paul’s gear is ready-piped into his DAW tem­plate

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