The build-up and main loop

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In the main loop, the break rolls along and is joined by a long ham­mond or­gan line. A drum fill fires, and brings in the bass, which gives the track some mo­men­tum. The track builds by in­tro­duc­ing more and more in­stru­ments and parts, and all that’s left is some au­toma­tion to evolve some of the el­e­ments. The main vo­cal comes in, and The Van­guard Project note that it could do with some more work to fit in prop­erly. “It’s not nec­es­sar­ily the greatest vo­cal chop, this one,” re­marks Steve. After the main vo­cal line has run its course, the first line, “I need love”, is re­peated, but is given the shakes with Sound­toys Tre­mo­la­tor. The dreamy, mod­u­lated chord pad from Drew’s Virus patch come in along­side the main break.

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